Happy Friday!

Fridays seem to come around so fast these days... but not quite as fast as Mondays.

I started off this week feeling deeply rattled and raw, and it wasn't the easiest one, but it definitely finished on a high note: a combination of dark skies, bubble tea dates, and some creative things to work on.

I hope your week had some high points, too.

Here are my five for Friday:

One. Feeling a bit over-Zoomed? Robert O'Toole, from the University of Warwick, argues that videoconferencing is a 'uniformly crap' experience. 'How do we improve things? How do we re-humanise videoconferencing and other essential technologies?' he asks. 'The tech industry’s answer is to add more features. But that’s not sufficient, and most often makes things worse. To start with, we need theories about being human and, more precisely, being human with technology — theories that can guide us in designing better technologies and their use.' Worth a read.

Two. For years, my sister pestered me to try an Enneagram personality test, and when I finally did, I was pleasantly surprised by how insightful the various profiles were (give me Enneagram over Myers-Briggs any day). I'm not even sure how it came up — actually, I think it was during after-work Christmas drinks! — but this week I subjected my director and several teammates to this Truity version. What's your number? I'm 1 (the Perfectionist) closely followed by 4 (the Individualist). If nothing else, it makes a fun conversation starter.

Three. There was a day last year when a colleague asked me if we could go grab a bubble tea and discuss a document we'd been working on together. Once we perched ourselves on stools outside the cafe, however, she placed her wallet and phone on the piece of paper and said: 'Don't worry about that. I just wanted an excuse to talk!' Today we repeated this tradition and chatted over a roasted brûlée milk tea and a mixed fruit green tea respectively — such a lovely Friday lunchtime treat. Mumo Tea on Adelaide Street in Brisbane's CBD gets five stars.

Four. Rain! If you're an Australian east coast native like I am, need I say more? We finally got some wet weather to break the heatwave. Bring it on, La Niña. Let's get this party started. A nice rainy day song? Klara's 'These Woods (Human Made)' was a new find this week. Apple Music. Youtube.

Five. And the tweet that won my Internet this week: