Ohhh it's Friday the 13th.

(Frankly, though, 2020 has already felt a bit like 300+ Fridays the 13th in a row, SO WHATEVER.)

Far from being spooky or unlucky, today rounded off one of the best weeks I've had in a long time, at least in terms of a sense of hope and optimism, naturally helped by the thrilling news that Trump has only 67 days left in office... and counting! (Hot tip: type into your browser and see where it takes you.)

We've been celebrating NAIDOC week here in Australia, and having some earnest conversations with friends and colleagues about the ways in which we engage with our violent past and support a brighter future has been a real highlight. If you'd like to find out more about traditional ownership of the lands on which you live and work, the AIATSIS map is a handy online tool. Goreng Goreng creator Rachael Sarra has also posted some templates online so you can easily give a shout out to your local custodians — so pretty, playful, and meaningful.

Annnd... on a more personal note, this afternoon I received the news that I've been made permanent in my job, so I feel incredibly lucky and warm and fuzzy. A mystery benefactor left a bottle of Moët on my doorstep! Thank you! I can't stop crying happy tears.

Here are my five for Friday:

One. I made sourdough liege waffles for Sunday brunch using this recipe, and they were magnificent! I didn't have enough organic white flour starter (Horace) to use, so I supplemented with some rye and wholemeal (Horatia). I expected the dough to be heavy and the waffles to be a bit coarse or grainy, but the texture was just right. I also used coffee sugar crystals instead of pearl sugar because who has pearl sugar on hand? Not I, said the duck. Apart from burning myself — WHO KNEW molten sugar was so hot? — it worked a treat, and I've semi-promised one of my nephews a waffle party for Christmas. My love language is carbohydrates.

Two. A new-to-me tune! Mansionair's 'Shadows' has been on repeat since Monday. (Apple Music. Youtube.)

Three. Kate Baer, of Insta-poet fame, shared her 'beauty uniform' on Cup of Jo: 'Whenever someone is asked on a morning talk show, they’re like, I like to get up at 5 a.m. when the house is still quiet and do my morning cardio and drink lemon water. But I get up at the last possible second, right as my husband is leaving for work. I put on whatever pants are on the bathroom floor and move on with my day.' (Phew!)

Four. If you're looking for a chatty, engaging podcast to listen to, this ABC Conversation with Senator Jacqui Lambie is a great pick from the archives. I'm not sure why I find JL so compelling, but her tenacity, willingness to learn, and capacity to laugh at herself mollify a multitude of sins.

Five. One of my besties was generous enough to share this 'Creative Types' quiz from Adobe with me. It's so much fun — an absolute sensorial delight. My buddy and I both got 'the Thinker' as our result. I'm going to go think about that some more.