Here we are again — Friday!

I've begun to question the wisdom of posting at the end of the week when I am (like the rest of the world) feeling a little frayed and worse for wear. However, perhaps it does me good to reflect on something more positive than output, schedules, and the social anxieties that inevitably accumulate as the weekend looms.

This week was an Unhelpful Brain week. I got myself tangled up about something that really wasn't worth the angst, lying awake in bed on Monday night unable to sleep as I replayed frustrating situations and conversations over and over in my head, casting forwards to the new year and having signed up for too much already.


I had a day off on Wednesday to go the doctor, finish off some editing, and attempt the last of my Christmas shopping, and IT WAS SO NICE. My partner worked late, so I had the whole day to spend as I pleased, including an oat milk cappuccino at my favourite haunt and a walk in the rain before nightfall.

It has been raining on and off all week here in Brisbane, and clusters of mysterious pink flowers have sprung up all over our suburb. I have no idea what they are — a weed of some sort, probably! — but there's something restoratively hope-infusing about enthusiastic regrowth after a period of prolonged dry weather.

There's so much just waiting to spring back to life.

Here are my Five for Friday:

One. Looking for wrapping paper? Melbourne-based artist Laura Blythman's Dreamscapes (which I found at the QAGOMA gift store) contains 20 sheets of wrapping paper and gift stickers featuring her delicately vibrant illustration and collage. Follow Laura on Instagram for a regular dose of colour.

Two. Without getting into Bon Appétit's fall from grace this year, I must say I'm incredibly excited to see Claire Saffitz making videos again. Claire bolstered my courage to stop dyeing my grey hair, and her patience with tempering chocolate is admirable. These are apparently the best oatmeal cookies. :)

Three. Speaking of edible things. I made a batch of Smitten Kitchen's salted brown butter rice krispies for my boyfriend, and I love seeing his face light up when I offer him a square every evening. They are... very good.

Four. Two people sent me this video of David and Margaret reviewing 2020 ('the hotly anticipated sequel to 2019') on the same day, so I assume half the Internet has got there already. If you haven't watched it, however... do.

Five. Perhaps I haven't fully outgrown my 90s school years in which sparkly Lip Smackers seemed like the height of luxury, but I still can't go past iridescent cosmetics, especially at this time of year.

I'm a sucker for stick eyeshadows (being equal parts lazy and incompetent at applying makeup), so I was excited to discover that Mecca's own version, these Zoom eyeshadow sticks, performs just as well at clinging to my hooded eyelids as some higher-end versions that easily cost double or even triple.

For the record, my favourite shimmery Lip Smacker circa 2001 was the chocolate-peppermint-flavoured one in the silver and pale green tube. This Lanolips Lip Water in 'Liquid Gold' has a similar vibe (well, taste) but is much more nourishing and... you know... suitable for a woman in her mid-30s.

Have a lovely weekend!