Happy Friday!

I feel a little wistful as I sit here thinking about the week that's just passed and where we're up to as 2020 staggers towards the finish line.

Exactly a year ago, my partner and I were hurtling through the air en route to Europe — an experience that now seems like a lifetime ago. We were so lucky to plan that trip when we did, and to eat so many German pastries, before the world went into lockdown. It also marks a whole year since I stopped dyeing my hair!

Here were five of the sweetest parts of my week. I hope you had some shiny moments, too.

One. Getting to see my partner's band play a gig last night felt almost surreal after 10 months of social distancing, but despite my discomfort among crowds and loud noises, it was a blast to look around and see so many people obviously grateful to be out and about and participating in something shared and transcendental. My heart always bursts with pride when I see M pick up his guitar onstage because I know that even one 30-minute set is the culmination of months and months of writing and rehearsing and refining. He's a constant reminder that making art requires courage and commitment. You've got to do the work, even if your fingers bleed.

Two. I haven't listened to any new stuff by James Blake in actual years, but I've been playing 'Are you even real?' on repeat the last few days. (I don't know any other way to enjoy listening to music apart from playing new finds approximately 237 times within the first 48 hours. Variety is not the spice of my life.) YouTube. Apple Music.

Three. Everyone who recommended The Queen's Gambit to me was spot on: it's so good! 60s fashion, strong female lead, themes of darkness and addiction linked to brilliance... We've been fumbling our way through The Crown for what seems like an eternity now (I do like it, but it's such a slow burn), so having something new and different to watch before bed on weeknights has been a real treat. I just have to point out that I cut my hair like Beth Harmon before I saw the first episode — but if I now resemble a fictional female chess master, that's... fine.

Four. On Fridays, I often buy myself a breakfast treat to get me through the day, and this week my treat of choice was... a gingerbread latté. It was a totally inappropriate choice given the pavement-baking weather outside (thanks, Brisbane), but very cosy considering my office's air-conditioning is set to 'antarctic chill' between November and February. I die a little inside every time I step into Starbuck's, but everyone needs a trashy holiday-themed beverage from time to time.

Five. This tweet from Scott Ludlam won the Internet this week. It's definitely time for me to put that Pete Evans keto cookbook in the bin.