Have you been following the Guardian's '10 funniest things' series, where Australian comedians offer a selection of what's made them 'gurgle with joy' online?

Toowoomba writer Bec Shaw (from my hometown!) introduced me to Cole Escola's hilarious serial killer documentary sketch — a must-see for any true crime fanatic ('OK, something is going on...'), but the others are packed full of ephemeral internet gold that's ideal for wasting time on a Friday afternoon or sending to friends without explanation.

Here are mine, in no particular order.

1. Jesus' miracle

Surely one of the greatest tweets of all time. I laugh so hard every time I scroll past this in my phone, where the screen shot will remain until I run out of storage and have to choose between deleting a bunch of work-related memes versus photos of my cats.

2. I'm a geese goose

No commentary needed. Follow @classical_art_memes_official to forever ruin other famous works of art.

3. 'What's my password?' — Shit girls say

Almost 10 years onwards, my bestie and I still ask each other 'Is that hummus?' at any semi-relevant juncture. The second episode might even be better, and other spin-offs — like "Sh*t nobody says" and "Shoot Christians say" — are worth a click (though the latter might be funnier if you've also survived a conservative religious upbringing).

4. Coldplay turtle

If you don't replay this 86597 times, we can't be friends.

5. Chonk chart for cats

Whoever reimagined this ubiquitous veterinary poster displaying feline BMIs is my hero. 'Heftychonk' has become a staple part of my family's vocabulary.

6. Dog runs into wall

It feels somehow wrong to laugh at this sweet pupper having a vivid dream, but I can't watch to the end without cry-laughing. It gets me every time.

7. 'How about never?'

Robert Mankoff's New Yorker cartoon gets it juuuuust right for misanthropes everywhere.

8. Goats yelling like humans

Yeah, same.

9. Toto's 'Africa' — out of key and off time

Play this to someone without warning them first. Pretend nothing is wrong.

10. Miracle diet pill with a 'teeny-tiny side effect'

Angry Aussie's 2007 blog post about weight-loss drug Alli is not for the faint of heart (mind the repeated swears) but still rates as one of the funniest things I've ever read on the Internet. Amazon reviews for sugar-free Haribo Gummi Bears come a close second.